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Plexus Slim Pink Drink

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The information contained on this page was obtained from one of the top Plexus Slim Pink Drink Independent Ambassadors.   I found it useful when I was I was researching  Plexus Slim and now the new Plexus Boost for my personal use. I thought you might find  it useful also in your search for information.  Visit my company page at the link above for product ingredients and full details of Plexus Slim and the new Plexus Boost.           

Plexus Slim Plexus Accelerator or Plexus Boost

Plexus Slim Pink Drink

Plexus Slim & Plexus Accelerator The Featured Products

Plexus Slim was originally in a type 2 diabetic study. During the course of the study several things happened.
1. There blood sugars leveled out.
2.  Cholesterol came down and
3: Blood pressure came down and as a side affect they began to lose weight and sleep better. How is that for a side affect!   You simply take a packet add it to a bottle of water, shake it and drink it once a day.

The way it works is it filters through the liver and starts breaking down sugars so that your body can release weight naturally.

Plexus Slim is made up of plant extracts, sweetened with Stevia and a little pomegranate in it for flavoring. When taking just the plexus slim you can take it at any time of the day, however, it is recommended that you start your day off right and take it in the morning so it can help with sugar cravings through out the day.  This is NOT a meal replacement.

For those wanting to lose weight yesterday or perhaps you have that stubborn trend weight sticking around and it is a little bit harder to get off. You may want to add the accelerator to it. The two, Plexus Slim Drink and Plexus Accelerator are a powerful combination. There are many testimonies that actually say they have lost weight faster when they added the Plexus Accelerator to their Plexus weight loss program. 

So if you are going to use Plexus Slim and Plexus Slim Combo it is suggested you get up, put a little something on your stomach, like breakfast and take your slim and accelerator at the same time. People are getting amazing results from this combo. This is how you lose the most weight quickly with these products.

3 More Products To Plexus Boost Slim Results

It is very important to get your body cleansed and balanced so that you can lose weight most naturally.  The support products do exactly that. Most people want to start with the Slim and Accelerator, in fact, I did but I have learned a lot of things during my plexus journey. I really like to see my customers sign up as an ambassador to get the products at wholesale and start with the Pro Bio 5 and Bio Cleanse first for at least a week. This gets your body balanced and helps with weight loss.

Plexus Weight Loss

Plexus Bio Cleanse

Pro Bio5 -  This product may help yeast over growth in the body that men and women both can have that can prevent the body from losing weight.  Yeast feeds off of sugar. Pro Bio 5 is a great product.

Plexus Slim & Plexus Slim

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These products carry a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

I use the products myself and would not have done this review if I did not.  Be sure to check out my about me page and your different purchase options.  I want you to be able to purchase the products at the best price possible.  If you have any questions about the products or how to purchase feel free to give me a call 318 581-2551.  I truly love these products and helping people. I do make a commission on the sale of  these products and all sales are greatly appreciated.  There are several Facebook groups where numerous testimonies are posted.  Join me on Facebook and request that I add you to these groups.


Follow the directions on all products.   It is recommended that you contact your physician prior to starting any weight loss program.  I am not a medical doctor.  Nothing on this site is intended as medical advice or should take the place of the  advice of your physician, only your physician knows your body and if these products and Plexus Slim are for you.